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Part 1: The book has heavy mentions of suicide, Mafia/Cartel settings, possessiveness/ownership over partners, groomed and institutionalized machismo/toxic masculinity, primal play, stillbirth/miscarriage.

The following text includes: Frequent speculation about and mentions of suicide throughout, loss of a partner and aftermath, pervasive themes of grief throughout, miscarriage at 20 weeks and induced stillbirth, recounted by the carrying mother after the fact, recounted from an external POV, pills involved, panic attack in first person, low detail, brief mention of military experience, brief mention of death of a parent

Part 1: The book has heavy mentions of murder, Mafia/Cartel, posessesiveness over partner, emotional manipulation, controlling father with grooming, drink spiking, underage drinking, orgies, initiation sex rituals, CNC, dub-con, breast play and suicide/depression.

 The following text includes: Death of a parent from child’s POV in prologue—heard but not witnessed. Repercussions of mother’s death seen throughout. Attempted rape by a professor on page—from victim’s POV. Suicide lead-up on page, first person; death happens off page. Grief and reactions to suicide from family and loved ones, on page. Non Consensual drugging, tattooing, and undressing, with first-person reactions after the fact. Branding a person with ownership, without consent, while unconscious.